Environment Conservation

Hi everyone,

I would like to voice out my thoughts on the current environmental situation.

So, scientists have been warning us that should global warming continue at this rate, the results would be catastrophic. Rising sea levels, the death of thousands of animal and plant species are just a fraction of the consequences. Well, my question to everyone else in the world is : Have we really done anything about it. Even till today, TONS of oil is still being burnt for electricity, cars and everything else. Have we really been giving the environmentalists the support they need to truly turn the situation around. With such extreme cases of global warming, what can we truly expect in the future?

We clearly know the consequences of our actions yet we still do such acts, why?

From what I know and what I infer, we do all these thing due to their low cost. Surely burning a barrel of oil costs less than building a windmill and running it for a day (provided that the weather is windy). This is one of the problems that we must solve in order for the public to accept alternative forms of energy production. With the current mindset of people, we tend to go for cheaper things in order to save money for our future. But shouldn’t we deal with the environmental situation for our future?

Furthermore, we are not giving organizations such as WWF and Sea Shepherd enough support. Think about it, how many events have been held in your country but such organizations that you have ignored or not attended??? Also, these organizations may not be getting the resources they require. If we can’t even give them our support, how are we going to achieve major change?

I hope that after reading this post, you would rethink your actions and make a change yourself.


Clyde Lhui 🙂

P.s: Here are a few websites that you can refer to for more information on environmental organizations:



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_environmental_organizations (A list of environmental organizations and their wikipedia links)


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