Hi guys,

I have quite a few things planned so i decided to create a separate post for all the updates.

Firstly, I have discussed with Jackson and we have planned out an elaborate series which will be done during the End-of-Year holidays. It is meant to commemorate a very special thing which would happen next year! (clue: The first one will be on the photoelectric effect)

Secondly, I am planning to write another Unfictioning Fiction post, the topic this time being Star Wars. It might take a while to make though as i have not watched any of the Star Wars movies and i also have not read any of the books so bear with me.

Thirdly, I will be doing some maintenance during the End-of-Year holidays and will be cleaning up any errors in my previous posts and also fine tuning some specific details.

Fourthly, I have decided to try something rather ambitious during the End-of-Year holidays. Due to several complaints about extremely long and boring posts, I’m trying a different method to solve the problem. I actually find the posts rather easy to read but hey you guys are the readers right?

Fifthly, I have made a survey which will only take you a few minutes or even seconds to complete this is the link. All your responses will be taken seriously.

Lastly, Jackson will be posting something on Blackbody Radiation (the birth of Quantum Physics)! Stay updated for that.

Once again I’m very sorry for the irregular posts. I really wish i had more time to work on this blog.

Thank you very much for all your support!


Clyde Lhui 🙂


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