Re: Special Relativity Post

Hi guys,
As some of you have probably noticed, my previous post on special relativity has been taken down.
Upon closer scrutiny, I have discovered several errors and also some areas which I have not covered well or fully. I will be revising the post and once it is back again, I promise it will contain more adventures with our superheroes. Perhaps more characters *hint hint*
But till then, please take that post with a pinch of salt. The one thing I absolutely will not be able to forgive myself for is for spreading wrong information.
So as a mother would tell her child, I am telling you now my dear readers, “This is for your own good.”
Till then, please send me anything you wish to tell me, be it a question or a suggestion, I will take it very seriously.
Thank you once again and sorry for the mistakes,

Clyde Lhui 🙂


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