Graph of the world

If you want to know how to make a graph like the above, take a look at my post on Brilliant on how to do it.



A 3D graphing Calculator projected on a 2D graphing calculator

Have you played with a 3D graphing calculator? I certainly haven’t… till I found THIS!

Most of the 3D graphing calculators available online for free are really lousy, if you have tried to look. They take forever to load your equation, and you are almost always unable to change scale or perspective. Even if the calculator is really powerful, they involve so much manual coding you might as well go to Uni first before using that. Well, look no further, this 3D graphing calculator is the work of Desmos genius Thomas A. Kuczmarski!

He uses a 2D graphing calculator, something similar to geogebra which most of you would be more familiar with, to project a 3 dimensional function with (x, y, z)! Due to the awesome power of the original 2D desmos graphing calculator, this brand new 3D graphing calculator is extremely dynamic and responsive, thus making the changing of perspective extremely convenient!

Useful thing to note: The 3D calculator uses the function z = f(x,y) to graph.

Try it out here!

Genius desmos guy, Thomas A. Kuczmarski

Have fun!