Physics Notes: Turning Effects of Forces

Hi Guys,

As some of you might know i have been working on some notes on Turning Effects of Forces. These are meant to summarise the CHS notes that have been given.

I make these notes to help people score better (at least i hope i do help). If you find these notes helpful, leaving a comment on this post or a like on this post or saying thanks IRL (in real life, if you still haven’t gotten used to internet slang) would be SUPER DUPER AWESOME. It’s pretty tough making notes especially when i can’t use any diagrams i find online and i have to draw out everything myself.

Since I’m on this topic, a teacher once told me that if things come too easy, people may take them for granted. He said this after going through a similar situation where he made a bunch of notes that took him several months of hard work to make and yet no one appreciated them. (I apologise for the bad grammar here but hey with exams in full swing, I’m pretty tired so gimme a break XD). Well i don’t know if my notes are appreciated so i can only hope that they are. Many friends have suggested selling the notes and they say that i would earn a bunch of cash. I don’t know if that’s viable but that isn’t happening in the near future. My ideology tells me that if i sell the notes, less people will be able to get them so they’ll lose their effectiveness.

Sorry for making you read this long post which was written extremely incoherently.

The link for the notes is here: Turning Effects of Forces- vetted

If you ever have any queries, please leave a comment, fill out the contact form or contact me personally.


Good luck for your exams!

Clyde Lhui 🙂